Connecticut Emergency Boarding and Tarping Services.

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Emergency Response When You Need It Most

When disaster strikes, every second counts. At Connecticut Emergency Boarding and Tarping Services, we specialize in delivering efficient and reliable emergency response services to ensure your home or business is not exposed any longer than it needs to prevent further damage and make it secure.


What we do

Roof Damage

We know it is essential when you have roof damage to get it closed up to prevent more damage by the element or intruders. Whether it is your home or business caused by fire, storm or other situation our professional personnel are ready and we use roof tarping and board-up techniques to help prevent further damage until repaired.

Doors, Windows & Walls

Our Emergency Board-Up Services are ready to secure your exterior to prevent further damage from the elements and secure your property.

Fast Response Times

We respond to all inquires almost immediately, we prepare to arrive within hours of your inquiry. The length of response depends on your location.


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Tel: 203-746-5565

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